CrossFire Flickering in Windows 10 (Disabling ULPS did NOT work)

Discussion created by enzlow on Aug 10, 2015

I am having an issue with my CrossFire R9 270s in Windows 10. I have installed the latest drivers on a fresh install, and am quite used to the process of properly installing AMD drivers (been using ATi-AMD for over 15 years). The issue I have is a flickering display in games and even when watching YouTube videos. I searched for fixes (not a lot since Windows 10 just came out) and found out that the issues may be from ULPS settings. I have changed all EnableUlps registry keys to 0 (off), but still have issues. I downloaded and installed the AMD system monitor and found out that even after manually disabling the ULPS on my machine, my second card was still running at full speed. The 1st card, which while under load is running the fans at a lower speed than the second card that has no load at all.


This issues concerns me because I don't want to burn out my second card.