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    Programs and Games have Pixelated Visuals


      Hello, I recently bought a new laptop that comes with a Radeon HD 8400 GPU. I noticed that not only games, but many other programs have horrible pixelated visuals when scaled or rendered at high resolutions. It looks as if Anti-Aliasing or texture filtering is completely turned off, but I have played with the settings and still can't fix this outside playing in full screen.


      On my old laptop I did not encounter this issue ever, my last laptop used a Intel GMA HD 4500.


      I have two screenshots of the same game, one was taken awhile back on the Intel GPU, and a new one taken on my current laptop with the AMD GPU.


      How it should look: http://s30.postimg.org/6gu6ajfn3/th15_004.png


      What I get: http://s18.postimg.org/wruiboy4n/Screenshot_1.png


      Notice how the second makes the hud look. I know the screens look abit different in size, one was a screenshot the game generated, but if the game generates the screenshot itself it looks fine. But you can see with the second image, how messed up it looks. I have ran out of options and it is really upsetting me,