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    Windows 7 Black Screen after Startup


      I've already tried uninstalling previous drivers, deleting it using drivers fusion, running registry cleaner and then updating driver via device manager with no luck. It's only working using windows vga display drivers, but as soon as i install ati drivers, after windows logo screen goes black, monitor light is blinking... When entering safe mode, any window is flickering ...

      Windows 7 x64 Profesional

      Intel i7 CPU

      Ati HD6670

      16GB of RAM

        • Re: Windows 7 Black Screen after Startup

          Hello! I had the same problem for a long time, I've tried everything on internet yet I found the solution myself.

          How I fixed that issue is;

          Restart the PC > Go to bios > Advanced Settings(it was like that on my my bios, could be different on your motherboard) > NB Configuration > IGFX Multi Monitor > Disabled

          Once you disable that and save & restart your PC it should be fixed