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    AMD Catalyst 15.7- Software and driver issue with Windows 10


      I was using the previous driver version on Win7x64 and everything working fine.


      I then upgrade to Win10Prox64 and the following is happening-


      For one, the Catalyst Control Center (CCC.exe) is dead.
      Meaning, when i execute it, not only does it not open but Task Manager never even shows it try to load.


      Event log Viewer also has no information either at time of execution so i'm completely clueless there.


      And the other issue-

      Display driver lag.


      During Windows animations like start menu fade in, window minimizing, other menus fade-in, etc..

      It stutters the display until the animation is complete.  I'm sure it's video driver related-


      System info-


      Core i7-4930K 6x3.9ghz

      Asus Rampage IV Black x79

      AMI / BIOS- 0507 | DMI / BIOS- 1.xx
      64GB GSkill RipJawZ DDR3-2400 set currently at 1866

      DirectX 12.0



      Dual Asus R9-280 3GB Video Cards. (NON Crossfire)
      Tahiti Pro | PCI3.0x16 | GPU- idle 501MHz, Original 980MHz | RAMDAC- 400MHZ
      Directx support- 11.1


      Idle Range- 26C-32C (based on 62-71W power)
      Active Temp Range- 32C-38C (using over 26gb of ram for active applications including gaming)


      GPU1 /2 Diode Temp-
      Idle Range-44C/39C no range. (based on 2-3W power)

      Active Temp Range- not tested