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    Call of Duty Black Ops


      I have two XFX Radeon™ R9 390 Graphic Card - Dual Dissipation Black Edition on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula running in Crossfire mode. The latest AMD drivers 15.20.1062.1003-150728a1-187447C. Any Call of Duty game on Steam crashes unless I disable Crossfire mode. I have no problem playing Titan Fall or BF 4 on Origin in Crossfire mode. Any ideas why.

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          Hello caunotaucarius,


          Well, there isn't a known issue for Crossfire crashing in COD, but not other games.  It sounds like the steam client itself may be having issues if only steam games are crashing and not origin.  I would first consider uninstalling/reinstalling steam, then trying a driver uninstall/reinstall for peace of mind.  Let us know what happens.  Also, is there any 3rd party software that may be interfering in the background?


          Tutorial for proper driver installation.


          1-Load windows with only your primary graphics card plugged in.

          2-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.

          3-Download and Run the 15.7 (or latest) drivers from AMD.com (Omega drivers do not have Uninstall built in, you have to do it through add/remove, which is okay)

          4-Choose to Uninstall/express (may not be available in newest version, download an older version) the existing drivers, and AMD folder

          5-Restart the computer.

          6-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.

          7-Run the 15.7 drivers from AMD.com

          8-Choose to Install/Express the drivers

          9-Restart.  Confirm settings are working in windows.

          10-Shutdown and add 2nd/3rd cards for Xfire.

          11-Respond to this ticket if you have any further questions

          ** If you have nvidia drivers on your computer, you might need to run the Uninstall feature of Nvidias driver as well.

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              I may have over stated my problem a bit due to my frustration. I can play other games in Steam, just not Call of Duty Black ops multi player (Nuke Town) without the game crashing. Its an older game, but my favorite. I uninstalled & re-installed. No good. Whats weird is if I disable CrossfireX I have no problem.



              Crash report:













                          C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops\BlackOpsMP.exe



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                  I suspect the 2nd card may have issues and when you tested it alone, it maybe didnt surface its actual issue quick enough?


                  There's only a few things it can be.



                  Xfire Functions in Motherboard

                  Psu Demand for another 300 watts (plus draw through motherboard)

                  Faulty Graphics card


                  Lesser concerns:

                  bad stick of RAM that only gets utilized when xfire ramps up need for more ram.


                  Can you try this Xfire setup in a different system or with a different PSU?