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ASUS R9 270x Windows 10 CS:GO 4:3 not stretched

Question asked by thepr0digy on Aug 10, 2015

Hello guys.


I have a problem. I have ASUS R9 270x and a Windows 10. Since I updated my Windows I cannot play on my 4:3 resolution ( I have 24" BenQ XL2411Z ) because it keeps adding black bars. I am semi-pro player and for me it's something like a must to be able to play at my cap. I have checked every possible CS:GO Config and nothing is happaning. I installed beta drivers and it worked. But It keeps updating them and I cannot go like this anymore. I am uninstalling gpu drivers 10 times a day and installing beta once instead. It's a nightmare. When I freshly reinstalled win 10 it worked for a bit. But then it bugged again and I cannot stretch it. I tried all options in the menu - Scale image to full panel size ( which is supposed to be the option ) with both Enable GPU up-scaling on and of. I tried even Maintain aspect ration, centered timings and so on. Every possible combination, nothing is working. Can u please help me. Or should I wait for another update. If so - when is the update comming.


Thank you for your time.


Best regards,

Galab Aykov