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Windows 10 Graphics Driver for Toshiba Notebook with ATI Radeon HD 4200 Series

Question asked by hardstarburst on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by ray_m

1024 x 768 is a rather poor resolution, but that's the best I'm able to get with my Toshiba A665D notebook that was built to run Windows 7.  I have an old HP DV6700 that was built for Vista, it is running windows 10 better than it ran the OS it was designed for.  I've spent quite a lot of time trying to get drivers that will run my Toshiba at the correct resolution but so far I have been unable to. By the way, my 89 year old mother was able to upgrade her Dell desktop to windows 10 without me even helping her, she has an old Dell Optiplex I believe came with Windows XP- It runs great. So this is the first time I've reached out in any of the forums for help with this issue, but I have seen a lot of indications that this GPU in this note book is considered "legacy".  If anyone can point me in the right direction on this to maybe find some workarounds for this it would be appreciated. But i also have posted here to send a little message to AMD- I have been a loyal customer of yours since Windows 95. If you think that hardware designed to run windows 7 is considered "legacy", then that means i'll have to shell out another 800- 1000 bucks for a computer. If that happens, I guarantee you that it will have an Intel Processor and chipset in it.