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    XFX Radeon R5 230 Not Recognized


      I installed a XFX Radeon R5 23 0Graphics Card with 2GB, because the Get Windows 10 upgrade (from Windows 7) notified mr that my old 256MB Radeon X1300Pro wasn't compatible with Windows10. I installed the XFX Radeon R5 230card per the instructions to let Windows 7 install the Windows Driver and then installed the drivers on the CD. I restarted the computer when finished and I still get the same message.  Belarc Adviser also indicated that I still have the old card installed. A side note - Best Buy stated this card was Windows 10 compatible.


      What is the fix for this?



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          Hello Jadenison,


          We're sorry you are having issues upgrading to windows 10.  my main concernBelarc Adviser is probably out of date and I dont recommend using it for Windows compatibility confirmation.


          Are you already on windows 10 or waiting to update?  Try disabling all your 3rd party software and installing the drivers again.


          What model is your motherboard?


          Tutorial for proper driver installation.


          1-Load windows with only your primary graphics card plugged in.

          2-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.

          3-Download and Run the 15.7 (or latest) drivers from AMD.com (Omega drivers do not have Uninstall built in, you have to do it through add/remove, which is okay)

          4-Choose to Uninstall/express (may not be available in newest version, download an older version) the existing drivers, and AMD folder

          5-Restart the computer.

          6-Disable any and ALL anti-virus/malware protection.

          7-Run the 15.7 drivers from AMD.com

          8-Choose to Install/Express the drivers

          9-Restart.  Confirm settings are working in windows.

          10-Shutdown and add 2nd/3rd cards for Xfire.

          11-Respond to this ticket if you have any further questions

          ** If you have nvidia drivers on your computer, you might need to run the Uninstall feature of Nvidias driver as well.