Wondows 10 64 bit HD7990 and 3D

Discussion created by donaldmeyer on Aug 9, 2015

I installed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on my machine.  I have an HD 7990.  I'm using driver version 15.7.1.


I can't do anything with 3D.  All games lock up after the 2D splash screens and logos.  This is true for *any* 3D game.  Additionally, I use the University of Stanford's Folding At Home program.  Prior to the update, this card would earn about 300,000 points per day.  After the upgrade I get less than 80,000 ppd.  This is about as good of an example of the problem as I can think of.


I downgraded my drivers to 14.4 and my folding points got up to about 200,000 ppd which is a great improvement.  I am able to play Total War: Shogun 2 although after a time, the game locks up tight and I have to shut it down. 



Intel Core I7-920

24 GB DDR3 1333

Samsung 840 SSD x2 in RAID 0

HD 7990