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Sapphire X1950 Pro comtability issue with W10

Question asked by andysan on Aug 9, 2015

Hi all


I have upgraded to W10 from W7 and my screen resolution is not good, In fact poor.


My resolution via W7 was perfect.


W10 has installed the Microsoft 'basic display' driver for my card.


Also via the device manager my graphics card is not shown anywhere in list, again was in W7is this normal now in W10 are an issue I have?


I am thinking of going back to W7 unless I can find the best drivers to use for my graphics card.


Have researched SAPPHIRE website, and with age of my card no support at all. I have been on CATALYST website and tried installing W7 OR W8 packages, with no joy.


Can anyone suggest how I overcome this please