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    Catalyst 15.7.1 - Fan speed is working overtime


      Hello guys!

      I'm MatVic and I'm new of this Forum.


      I need your help about an issue with the fan speed.


      I have installed Windows 10 on my notebook and I had to update the Catalyst driver to the latest version 15.7.1 (I had seen a line of dead pixels on the top of the screen).

      After this update, the problem about the dead pixels was resolved... but now I get a new horrible problem: the fan is working overtime!


      This is my technical info:

      Notebook: ASUS A55D

      O.S.: Windows 10 Pro

      AMD Radeon HD 7640G + HD 7400M Dual Graphics


      What can I do?

      I tryed to install Afterburner but it isn't able to allow me to change the fan speed.


      Thank you for you help

        • Re: Catalyst 15.7.1 - Fan speed is working overtime

          I have contacted ASUS for support but I didn't have any solution from them. They has simply answered: you have to return to Windows 8.1 and then re-install Windows 10.

          Today, I have done some test and I found a workaround (I don't know if it is a real solution of the issue):

          under the folder C:\AMD\WU-CCC2\ccc2_install\ there is a file WULaunchApp.exe. I have launched this as administrator and the problem seems resolved.

          Now the fan is working normally.