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CCC Installer Crashes when Detecting Graphics Hardware - HD 7650M

Question asked by andreicoste on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by andreicoste

Hello! After the latest windows 10 update, the video driver for my 2gb 7650M failed to load (it's with intel switchable graphics). I tried to reinstall the drivers but i couldn't uninstall CCC installer. I went into safe mode and did a comple driver swipe with DDU but when trying to install the latest (in regular, not safe mode) it crashes to desktop (at the detecting graphics hardware part). I uninstalled everything related to visual c++ and visual studio, tried installing from device manager (it said that the driver i'm trying to install is not compatible with this version of windows) and, basically, did everything i could to install it. Nothing Worked. What other options do i have? (reinstalling windows isn't really a solution)