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    Windows 10 Terrible FPS


      Hello, updating windows to 10 Pro x64, update all drivers, 15.7.1 (1003), and received downgrade for graphic card. All games that worked at 1080@60fps before on ultra, now 1080@10fps at low settings.

      Checking all my device with AIDA64 + GPU-Z, temperature 55 C, GPU Load - 1% ...


      Motherboard: Asrock 970 Extreme3

      PS: Gigabyte 650W

      CPU: AMD FX 6100

      GPU: Sapphire TriXX R9 290

      RAM: 8GB Corsair XMS3

      SSD Agility 3 128GB

      HDD WD Green 1TB

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64