has win10 or 15.7.1 killed my 7970m??

Discussion created by n3on-samurai on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by bonfire62

So I've had my Clevo Horize p150em with a 7970m for over 2 years. Has run perfectly, never missed a beat, and I've never messed around with overclocking or bios modding.


I recently installed windows 10 (clean install) and also the latest drivers (15.7.1). Last monday when playing bf4 my machine crashed. It wouldnt boot into anything other than safe mode (2 days after a win10 clean install).


No worries i thought, clean re-install and all will be good again... just a bug on win10. After a clean re-install, i try and install the amd drivers, and the machine locks up. every time i try and install the catalyst drivers it locks up.


Thinking it could still be windows 10, i have tried win8.1 and linux (ubuntu, and mint), and whenever the amd driver starts, the laptop freezes.


anyone else in a similar boat?