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    Black stripes flicking on monitor.


      I have just updated to Windows 10. Installed graphics card driver using the AMD Catalyst Control Center to install the new one. When I restarted my laptop (ASUS K73BR) the thin black stripes started appearing and vanishing each second. I uninstalled driver and stripes disappeared, when I installed driver back stripes appeared again. AMD Catalyst Control Center installing driver for Radeon 7400M, but i think it was another graphics card in my notebook...


      Info about my laptop :

      ASUS K73BR

      Video card : AMD Radeon 7400m

      OS: WIN10 Home x64

      CPU: AMD E-450 APU

      Current version of driver : 15.200.1062.1003


      I am pretty sure the problem is driver related because the stripes started appearing ONLY after installing the video card drivers.