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    Question about AMD's DirectGMA


      Hey i wonder i just noticed that i have something like that and i wonder what does it do and how to turn it on cause atm seems like its off . I uploaded a screen with current setting i couldnt find any ''easy for me to understand answer'' so im asking here   Does it make games better or something? Few more questions to ask i got something called ''Enable 10-bit format pixels'' and still i don't understand what does it do?


      Lastly AMD Dual Graphics i have 3 options here and 1st one is checked as i don't have any profiles for applications/games so i wonder if 1st option checked is ok?


      I got polish Catalyst and i don't get some of these options as im not good with hardware/software things >.< just wanna enjoy my games please explain everything what i posted here in an easy to understand text ty :* . GMA.jpg




      My laptop specs if needed to tell me wheather turn it on or off and if my laptop can manage that .


      Asus R510DP-XX118H 4GB RAM (WIN 8.1 64x)

      AMD 10-5750M APU Elite Quad Core 2,5GHZ-3,5 GHz

      Radeon Graphics HD 8670M 2GB + Radeon HD 8650G

      AMD Catalys version 15.20.1062.1003-150728a1-187373E

      DirectX 11.2 (12?)