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Which newer version supports "fixed mode" on switchable graphics? For windows 10 64bits

Question asked by fabiodaniel11 on Aug 8, 2015

I have and Hp Pavilion dv6 6060ep, i just upgraded to windows 10, and i have a dual gpu with amd radeon hd 6770M and intel hd 3000. Windows update downloaded the newer version (15.20) but now i can't change to amd, and intel is the one activated (i think dynamic mode is activated on bios), but since my hd 6770M has launch before 2012, so doesnt support dynamic mode.

My question is that amd catalyst 15.20 supports fixed mode? If yes i need to change it on bios startup options, if not i need to downgrade to 14.4 (i think is last version who supports fixed mode) and someway change the windows update options to not update automatically.