Windows 10 Dual Graphics problem A10 7850k and R7 250

Discussion created by narny on Aug 8, 2015

Had the above working under windows 8.1. Seemed fairly decent playing World of Warcraft and Modded Minecraft.


Since installing 10 (Fresh install) and the latest drivers for 10 from AMD's website 15.7.1 all sorts of weird stuff was happening.


Some windows did not have the close icon at top right, some did

World of warcraft could not be played fullscreen without what can only be described as like 3 waves going from top to bottom of screen and rolling round. Works fine fullscreen windowed.

Minecraft would not load at all. Just a white screen that would not progress further even after 30 minutes.


After some debugging, including patches, upgrading and reinstalling java and video drivers I was ready to quit.


Tried one last thing. Pulled my monitor out of the onboard port disabled dual graphics and plugged directly into the video card.


Everything is fixed. Windows seems snappier, minecraft runs at 60 fps! Previously on 8 was only getting 40


Warcraft now works in fullscreen, and on top of that I can set the settings to ultra. Previously had to play on good.


So what gives?


Why is dual graphics not working under 10 (possibly too new) But no warnings from AMD of anything not working.

Why do I get better performance when not dual graphics enabled? Surely when paired your supposed to get a boost not a loss.


So what now. Obviously my APU is not performing the way its intended to. I've toyed with the idea of changing it out for an FX processor.

Are the FX's of similar speed to the A10's similar or better? Lots of conflicting info out there.


Thanks in advance.