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    R9 390 Driver Issues. Me or AMD?




      A little backstory: I bought a NVIDIA GTX 970 earlier this year, and I had no issues with it, til' one day, when I'd start getting these random crashes where the audio would still be going on, but the screen would turn a single random, solid color, forcing me to hard reset. It didn't really matter which game...heck, I'd even get it on Second Life. I chalked it up to a card malfunction and went out to grab an XFX R9 390 from Best Buy, since I've never owned an AMD card and I thought I'd give it a shot. Come home, installed it, wiped the old drivers and put some new ones on, bam: first week I start having issues.


      The game would freeze, then the screen would turn black, crashing the game in question with a "amdkmdap has stopped working and has successfully recovered", Event Viewer ID 4101. I've tried pretty much everything under the sun to fix it, including:


      -Swapping out my PSU...I went from a 800W Corsair PSU to a 650W Corsair PSU....both of which SHOULD be enough to run this thing

      -Tried a new motherboard

      -Tried some new RAM

      -Swapped my i7 out for my old, working i5

      -Changed anti virus programs

      -Turned MSI Afterburner off

      -Reinstalled Windows 7

      -Installed Windows 10

      -Did some fancy registry stuff to tweak the TDR timing threshold


      All to no avail. It seems to ONLY do this on DX11 games...FF14, GTAV, Watch_Dogs, Theif to name a few, but I can play stuff like Payday 2, and of course FF14 with the DX9 client just fine! I did a bit of research here, and I discovered that the 300 series has some issues that sound an awful lot like the kind I'm having. I put my old 970 back in for now, and so far I've had one similar crash on Dungeon Defenders 2, but I have a feeling that's something unrelated, and other than that, it's working like a charm (and surprisingly, a bit better than the R9!)


      My question is: Is this something on my end, or did AMD just put out some bad drivers? Is there any way I can fix this? If it is AMD's problem, is there any way I can possibly get a refund or return this thing to Best Buy?


      Thanks all!


      (totally posted this is the wrong section to start with. woo~)

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          It is a known driver issue with the 390 cards, odd you are having issues with thief, i have been playing that game myself maxed out and its run beautifully so far with no crashes. one thing that may have helped for me and some others is to shut down any applications running in the background that are hardware accelerated inc the Raptr Gaming Evolved app,web browsers etc. which for me was the cause of some of the crashes i was experiencing.

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            I am having the same issue for FFXIV with a AMD Radeon 380. While using Direct X 11, the game will crash. I have started the RMA process for the card, but will sit on it with the hopes of AMD fixing it ASAP.


            This is the message I get when debugging the error:

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                I have already brought this up back in June. It's been acknowledged by AMD as an issue with drivers. I even have a youtube video demonstrating the problem. The workaround is to disable hardware acceleration in any application that uses while playing a dx11 game.


                Edit: I also want to mention it is a unique problem that only affects the new 300 series cards. With the exception of possibly the R9 285 none of the older AMD cards have this issue on the latest drivers.