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    I5 2400 and R7 250, possibly Bottleneck?


      Hi guys, i justed buyed a new computer with I5 2400, 4gb of ram, 2 hard disk 239.9 gb and i added my r7 250 ddr3 2gb.All the games doesn't run good. World of Warcraft Pandaria 70-80 fps at good and 55 max at high.Warframe on low 60 fps and on high 60 but with lagspikes, Warthunder at high 80 fps at the beginning at the map and after 5 minutes i have 30.Heroes of The Storm at high 60-50 to 30 in team fights.Apb Reloaded 40 fps at medium sometimes 50.What i'm supposed to do? I can't play without 60 fps, I just see the game it's lagged .____. . The pc name it's Hp compaq 8200 elite convertible minitower. I just added the video card and it's worked better on my old pc, q6600, 6gb of ram ddr2.I installed different drivers but same fps.The fps it's better on low resolution and windowed.Help me please ._. ?

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          The bottleneck is the cpu. This won't affect all games as some games are more cpu-intensive than others. In extreme cases games will crash. In order to get stable performance do one of the following 1) overclock your cpu (also make sure turbo mode is on in the bios) 2) underclock your gpu (950 MHz or less clock speed) 3) get an i7 or a10-78 (best solution, if you get an a10 you will also do dual graphics)