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AMD radeon 7900 HD series.... crossfire causing BSOD

Question asked by biggyduetz on Aug 7, 2015

Can anyone walk me through how i should be getting rid of this BSOD..... After i installed my second AMD Radeon 7900 HD Series GPU , and hooked up the crossfire cable and whatnot , i started the PC , went into CCC and enable Crossfire. It went BSOD , so after that i took out the second GPU (both amd radeon 7900) , and the BSOD went away, but i still continued to try and figure out what the problem was and ended up digging up a deeper hole for myself by uninstalling drivers halfway and whatnot, and now its just a bit of a mess. i dont think i have damaged it too much.



basically, could anyone help me get my GPU's running so i can get to playing games without BSOD?




heres an attachment of my diagnostics also..