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New CCC doesn't let me change 3D Application Settings

Question asked by ffaszlo on Aug 7, 2015



I want to lower my computer's workload and let the GPU deal with Anti-Aliasing and texture filtering.

After encountering issues with the software patch I used before (14.20?), I just updated to the newest package (15.20) since I thought keeping drivers and utility applications up to date was a good way to ensure stability.

Boy, was I wrong. It may very well have been my worst computer related mistake in years.


As of now, I effectively can't change 3D Application settings despite being in Advanced View > Gaming > 3DApplication Settings > Application Settings > [Binary Entry].

Whenever I try to change anything other than the Anti-Aliasing Mode, the chosen sample amount (2-8) doesn't get selected, no matter which Anti-Aliasing Method is currently in play.
When changing the Filter from Standard to Edge Detect and selecting 12 or 24 samples, the program closes alltogether.


I have provided screen captures concerning system information, installed CCC and driver versions.

I have attached a sample screen of where the menu is stuck.

I'd really appreciate help.


Thank you.

Edit: Of course I restarted the machine, uninstalled the driver, cleaned the installation paths, reinstalled the driver and restarted the machine again.