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    Artifacts in SWTOR after updating to 15.7.1 drivers


      So after upgrading to Windows 10 and installing the latest drivers for my R9 290X, artifacts are appearing in portraits when I'm in a group or more commonly, whenever I'm in a loading screen.


      Here's all the solutions I've tried so far, to no avail:

      • Running the repair option in the launcher several times.
      • Reinstalling the game (twice).
      • Clean uninstall and then reinstall of current (and past) AMD drivers.
      • Reinstalling Directx9 and the DirectX End-User Runtimes 2010 packages.
      • Lowering all the graphical settings in the game.

      So far, none of this has corrected my issue. Here's some screenshots of what I am currently experiencing:




      This issue ONLY happens while playing Star Wars The Old Republic; other interesting notes are that the artifacts over portraits in a group only happens when I enter and instance (although it sometimes stay after I exit it) and when going in and out of conversations. The loading screen sheananigans only seem to happen when I travel to my ship, stronghold or planet. Maybe somebody has an idea of what's happening. It's this a driver issue or is there something I can do to fix it?

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          If you haven't already, try rolling back to an older driver and see if that resolves it.

          If it does, then you may have found a bug and it would be worth gathering enough information to help identify and correct the bug.
          (They do happen after all...)

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            I know this is a very old thread... But the problem persists.


            I am a proud (am I) owner of an ASUS DUAL RX480 4GB. Every game runs perfect, even in 1080p.
            I usually use 900p (my screen is 900p but tried stuff on 1080p tv).


            Since a year or two (can't really recall) I had many problems with the SW:TOR UI. No other games. Only SW:TOR.
            Weird artifacts appear when I hover over the skills in quickbar, my exp/legacy exp bar are flashingScreenshot_2017-02-28_10_49_44_541001.jpg

            and usually I have a vertical and a horizontal line next to my minimap, which are supposedly parts of the minimap because I can see the map through it.


            Now, I have figured out two solutions. For the artifacts and lines and flashing, setting everything to a 0,85 or alike size in Interface Editor is working 99% of the time. On the other hand, if I set Anti Aliasing to or below Medium, every issue are gone.

            But that's plain stupid.


            I have recently tried rolling back to pre-crimson drivers. Only made my PC not recignising them. Too old for my RX480, I guess.


            But I can easily run Skyrim SE on MAX settings on 1080p around 60 fps. So SW:TOR having graphics problems because of AA over 2x samples is BS.


            AMD, please fix this. Or do sth with EAware, and fix it together, idc. I have not paid for the RX480 to use 2x AA.


            Sorry if I sound butthurt, but this is getting ridiculous.