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R9 390 Black Screen on loading Windows

Question asked by markvarley on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by xfxsupport

I have just installed my new GPU and I am getting a black screen when the drivers load into windows. It's fine and normal during POST and in safe mode, but as windows is booting the screen goes black just before the desktop appears and doesn't come back.

I have tried the drivers on the disk 15.20, as well as 15.15 which I have seen online as being the recommended driver for this issue, and of course I have tried the latest driver (15.7...) suggested by AMD update utility.

Each driver was uninstalled in safe mode then I rebooted to try the next, the issue persists. I have also tried multiple monitors on both DVI's and HDMI.

This card is replacing my faulty R9-280, I also have an 7870 as a secondary card but I have retested all of the drivers after removing it in case there was some kind of driver conflict between them.

The power cables have been checked and both 6 and 8 pin cables are connected and working properly.


I'm running Windows 7 x64

GPU is an XFX R9 390

Motherboard is Gigabyte 990GXA-UD5

CPU: AMD 8350

32GB Crucial Ballistic Tactical

PSU Corsair AX1200i