Windows 10 15.7.1 causing screen brightness issue

Discussion created by wawawa on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2015 by kingfish

Hello, all.


I recently installed the newest AMD driver in hopes of making Windows 10 a little less clunky. Unfortunately as soon as I did that, my laptop's brightness turned to its maximum level and there is no way for me to turn it down ( hotkeys on the keyboard aren't responding, and the sliders that let you do it from the power window have disappeared ). It's making it difficult for me to use my laptop, so I hope someone out there knows a fix.

( I'm guessing this is happening because my graphics card isn't good enough for the update, but I'm not exactly sure how to check if that's true. )


I tried to install an earlier version ( 15.6 Beta for W8 ), but it still says in the Catalyst Control Center that I've got 15.7.1 installed.

Are other people having a brightness problem, and is there a way to fix it? If not, how do I downgrade to a previous Catalyst version?


I've looked for an answer elsewhere, but to no avail -- so I'm sorry if this is a silly question.