Windows 10 AMD HDMI sound output and clicks of AV-receiver relay

Discussion created by dskr on Aug 7, 2015
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I've upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and have got the problem with HDMI sound output.


I'm connecting my computer to AV-receiver with HDMI cable. It is used for both audio and video. Receiver translates video to external display and audio to speakers. The problem is that some relay on receiver does extremely unpleaseant clickings at each start/stop/pause of the sound :-( I had no this problem with Windows 7. Not sure why this clicks occurs - either because of sound format changes or due to windows turns off power on hdmi sound output..


Does someone have ideas how to solve the problem? I'd really preffer to use HDMI for both audio and video, avoiding use of another sound card.


I'm using Onkyo receiver and HDMI output on Radeon 5670. Drivers version are: AMD High Definition Audio Device; 06-09-2015: AMD Radeon 5670 15.200.1062.1003; 07-28-2015