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    Pc restarts in games after update 15.7.1


      Hi all my im really dissapointed with the latest driver (15.7.1) as my pc restarts when i start playing a game

      how can i solve this probleme pleas

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          Since there is no information about what info to supply when you post ray_m there is this:


          " In order to get any meaningful support for your issue, the following information is requested:

          Please do not post any DXdialog or links to a image. "






          Laptop manufacturer

          Laptop exact model number

          Operating system? Is this the original OS?

          Graphics chip (card)

          Switchable graphics? (AMD + Intel or AMD + AMD)

          When did this issue first appear?










          Operating system


          Graphics card(s) ( exact..not just the series)

          Power Supply ( wattage,manufacturer, and model number )

          Motherboard bios updated?

          Windows Update current?

          When did the issue first appear?

          Steps you have taken to correct the issue