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    Windows 10 gaming


      Ive been seriously considering taking Microsoft up on its offer for a free OS upgrade, but I'm a bit concerned about compatibility issues as far as gaming. Has anyone experienced any major issues, or has it pretty much been smooth sailing? My biggest concern is a large number of my favorite games are older... some are even dos based, like Blake Stone and Daggerfall...

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          i've took the jump and play some of these old games myself. Dosbox so far hasn't failed me as i am also using it for blake stone and Duke nukem. but thats from my personal experience.

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            You supply no system specs,

            IMO,hold off for now,it's a bit buggy for some.

            I tried it for a week,not impressed,gone back to 8.1.

            Not to mention the forced auto update/advertising/missing free features/questionable privacy settings.


            p.s.running Pro version.

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              My experience with W10 so far has been very positive. I would echo some of goodplay's points above (particularly privacy settings), but that can be easily fixed with a bit of tinkering, if you're into that (which I am).


              I don't know if I could vouch for DOS-era games, but I've been able to run games as old as y2k-timeframe with no more issues than when I used 8.1. Ex: Rogue Squadron, Jedi Knight II, KoTOR. (is someone here a Star Wars fan...?) I also briefly tried the original Dark Forces, which uses DOS Box, and Sim City 2000, very briefly, but they did run.



              **Knock on wood** I haven't run into any compatibility or stability problems with W10 yet, so I'd def recommend taking advantage of the upgrade while its free. Of course, that still leaves you a lot of time. Hope this helps!

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                I think most of the privacy stuff is because of tying to a microsoft account. try telling it that you don't have email and go that route. As far as auto updates,  there is a setting that essentially stops it from the auto restart giving you a chance to hide the updates although i think you have to use another ms program for that. not sure though.