Asus GPU Tweak for latest versions

Discussion created by bostyan on Aug 7, 2015
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Hello, I always using Asus GPU Tweak because GPU Fan is to slow.... on default fan speed my graphic card is to hot 70+ºC, and when I look fan speed was 60% to slow. Now I am using Asus GPU Tweak with auto manual fan speed and I always have set 70ºC is fan speed 95% and now my graphic card temp is max 60-70ºC with default even 80+ºC. We all know that this is to much!!! I really don't know why is 100% fan speed at 100ºC ? If am playing games I really don't care how much noise graphic fans have!!


Your Driver Suite doesn't have anything above but now with last driver version Asus GPU Tweak doesn't work.... for now I will install older version... but please fix this.


Because Asus GPU Tweak have auto manual speed I set fan speed by me, and when I go out of game fan speed go to normal speed -> Perfect. I dont need to do anything Your Driver Suite (AMD OverDrive) is useless I need to turn it off and on manualy but Asus GPU Tweak do all this automatically I set only fan speed first time.... and I have alot more Profiles etc.