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    Asus GPU Tweak for latest versions


      Hello, I always using Asus GPU Tweak because GPU Fan is to slow.... on default fan speed my graphic card is to hot 70+ºC, and when I look fan speed was 60% to slow. Now I am using Asus GPU Tweak with auto manual fan speed and I always have set 70ºC is fan speed 95% and now my graphic card temp is max 60-70ºC with default even 80+ºC. We all know that this is to much!!! I really don't know why is 100% fan speed at 100ºC ? If am playing games I really don't care how much noise graphic fans have!!


      Your Driver Suite doesn't have anything above but now with last driver version Asus GPU Tweak doesn't work.... for now I will install older version... but please fix this.


      Because Asus GPU Tweak have auto manual speed I set fan speed by me, and when I go out of game fan speed go to normal speed -> Perfect. I dont need to do anything Your Driver Suite (AMD OverDrive) is useless I need to turn it off and on manualy but Asus GPU Tweak do all this automatically I set only fan speed first time.... and I have alot more Profiles etc.

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          You will need to contact Asus to resolve the issue with their application.

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              I had same problem a few versions back and I only skip one version in next version works perfect. That`s why I ask here if was Asus problem GPU Tweak will not work on all versions.... Anyway now work OK meybe it was only coincidence.... I use Asus GPU Tweak because I own Asus R9-280x V2 and with profiles I can use any OC profile/Fan Speed in game without quit a game!



              It will be very good if AMD updated his OverDrive sorry but is useless.... at least they could add auto manual fan speed Asus and other GPU Tweak softwares have it and is awesome... click everytime I go in game or out on/off manual speed is.....



              GPU Tweak without this is useless.... Everyone have different graphic card different cooling sistem etc. and with this graph user can made own fan speed! With Asus and other GPU Tweak softwares user can have different settings for every profile is awesome I like Asus because is easy, small and have everything for Graphic Card. MSI Afterburner is to complicated and have to much useless things added.