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    R9 270 + AMD 3000


      Hello, I've got a R9 270 from XFX, and I can only run 2 monitors off of it since I don't have an active displayport adapter, so that's why I would want to use the AMD Mobility 3000 built in to my motherboard, this is what I've tried

      Settings the IGFX as the main graphics card in bios & then enabling SurroundView (Asus advertises it as a way to run a monitor off of the intergrated graphics and 2 or more off of the PCIE graphics card)

      Settings the PCIE graphics card as main & then enabling SurroundView

      Updating drivers to the newest ones

      Tried to install drivers compatible with the AMD Mobility 3000 (didn't work at all, couldn't install)

      Please help since I would really want to use my third screen.

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          Hello and sorry for the delay.  Im still getting used to the new AMD community forums.


          Unfortunately, this is something that shouldn't work as its not officially something we support.  The best solution is to acquire an Active adapter to Display port


          if there is a way to work in the mobility 3000, i do not know.  Good Luck!


          Please let us know,


          Mark at XFX


          XFX Support