AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 Windows 10 games couldn't start

Discussion created by matrex_a1990 on Aug 7, 2015
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hello all


i upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10 and install AMD Catalyst 15.7.1


when i play bf3 and bf4 the game start at window mode and i couldn't access the game once i tough the screen the screen get black and get in window mode again


and for assassins creed unity and Company of Heroes 2 those the game still in minimized mode can't get it the game sound work fine


dota 2 and gta v work fine


but gta v fps drop from 60 to 30 !!! 50%

i send email to amd support and send a driver report but no one contact me at now


intel i7-4770k

gigabyte r9 280x

16gb ram

gigabyte z87x-ud5h

windows 10 pro X64