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FX-9590+R9280x + win10 often freezes (no problems in win 8/10preview)

Question asked by seralapph on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by vassilisllforfx

Hi there,


As the title explained since upgrading to windows 10 i often experience freezes (once every 1-3hours).

i searched the forums a little and found a post of someone with a similar issue with the r390 but i couldnt get much wiser from the discussion.


my complete setup of my pc:


Asus M5A99X Pro r2.0

AMD FX-9590 (with stock liquid cooler)

AMD Radeon R9 280X (sapphire tri-oc)

8GB (2x4) Kingston Hyper X (1866Mhz)

Coolermaster G750M (750W 80+ broze)


case: Aerocool DS200 2front fans in, 2 upper fans out, and cpu radiator+2fans out (140mm prolimatech blue vortex 87CFM)



Now i did try too google a bit, but since there is also an FX edition of my mainboard the only results are from the FX board,

This led me to contact asus, and ask if it would be possible that it's caused by running an FX-9590 in my board (officially only the FX version supports it), they told me that wasnt an issue since i also ran the same setup in 8.1/10 preview. they did tell me that there arent any windows10 drivers for my board yet (on their way).


But since i also know it might be a thermal issue (it does happen more often during warm weather), i just wanted to post my question here and see if any of you know what i could try.


I mostly play World of Warcraft (full ultra @1200&1024) and sometimes it runs for little over an hour and sometimes the whole day without problems, i get the freezes playing this game, but also by watching youtube, or doing other things that ask a little more of my cpu/gpu.


During world of warcraft my cpu never gets hotter then 60 degrees, and my gpu is hard to keep around 75 degrees during warm weather.(fan @manual curve set to reach 100% when the gpu reaches 55degrees)


I hope you guys could help me on my way, since waiting on drivers can take ages, and i really would not like having to replace my board for the fx version (misbought the " X" version)