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    AMD Carrizo APU, FX-8800P, heavy throttling




      so, I got a laptop with the new AMD Carrizo FX-8800P and I have some issues:

      1. clocks almost never go above 2.5GHZ even when doing nothing with "high performance" power mode

      2. As soon as I do anything with 3D, the CPU clocks go down to 1.3GHZ and GPU downclocks also, barely passing the 600MHZ and many times go down to 350MHZ which is really low


      Overdrive doesn't work, Catalyst doesn't help. What can I do? It obviously hurts the 3D performance..

        • Re: AMD Carrizo APU, FX-8800P, heavy throttling

          What Carrizo laptop (brand, model #) do you have? Every Carrizo laptop out there available right now seems to be power-limited to 12-20W. Power-limiting APU is convenient for OEMs because it allows them to invest less into designing heat-sinking and cooling solution, as well as results in a quieter system. Now with that said, 1.3GHz you are describing is too low, it should be at least 2.1GHz, which is the base clock of FX-8800P. Peak GPU clocks of 600MHz sound about right for 12-20W configuration. Carrizo in your laptop might be thermally throttling. Chances are BIOS update in the future will enable more aggressive fan cooling profile to reduce throttling. Best thing you can do for now is wait. I am personally waiting to get a Carrizo system for myself later this year.