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    FX8350 overclocking english


      Dear AMD User's,


      currently I'm trying to overclock my new AMD FX8350 8x4GHz processor.


      Unfortunately, I noticed that every core has just a clock of about 1.5GHz.


      That's quite annoying to me because I have actually payed for 8 times 4GHz


      and I really would like to have all of them and not just 8 times 1.5Ghz.


      I would be very pleased if somebody could help me out with this problem.


      How can I get the actually promised 4GHz per Core?


      I've also installed on my system the AMD OverDrive Software tool.


      My mainboard is an ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0






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          Do anybody know this problem as well?

          Could it be possible that i have a damaged CPU?

          What could be the reason for the low core clock.



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            Another tip from experience. When I first upgraded my CPU to this beast of a 8350, I was on windows 7. It defaulted to 4.4ghz. When I installed Windows 10 it defaulted to 3.9ghz but would get seriously hot. Be careful of this. After fiddling with my CPU settings via amd overdrive, I noticed something odd... when it ran at 3.9ghz it was running at 1.35 volts, but when I was on 7 and it defaulted to 4.4ghz it ran at 1.45volts. Why am I saying this? Well the 4.4ghz at the 1.45 volts which is more volts and speed than 3.9 at 1.35 actually ran cooler. So I manually on windows 10 set my default boot up speed (to always boot up) at 4.4ghz at 1.45 volts via amd overdrive. My Temps at 4.4ghz/1.45volts I idled at 30 degrees celsius and under load hit 46 degrees. When it was 3.9/1.35 volts it idled at 47 and under load hit 63. These Temps are still in the safe range, but why would I keep it there if I can get more power and lower Temps? I thought it was odd, technically the more volts the more heat, but not in this case. Just something to keep in mind. (Note: these Temps are with using h60 water cooler in a full atx case with 9 fans. In the winter time at 4.4ghz it actally idles at 18 degrees and 28 degrees under load. Love this cpu.