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    Max Payne 3 Crashes



      I have a problem with Max Payne 3. It keeps crashing. My pc build is:




      and my graphics card is Sapphire r9 380 Nitro 4G.



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          Are you able to get any additional information pertaining to the crash?  Games often drop a crash log and you might also find some information in Event Viewer.

          This may help you track down the cause of the error to address it.


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              Thanx for the reply garwynn.


              I changed the Direct X to v.9 in the game seettings and it seems ok now. I do not know if that's normal but for now it works perfectly. About the crash log etc. I have never tried/seen that so  I am not sure how that works but if the game starts crashing again I will give it a go and post the results.


              Thanx again