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    Gigabyte GV-R939XG1 GAMING-8GD cannot play Battlerfiel-4  !?


      Hi guys,

      I cannot play Battlerfiel-4 with "Utra Configuration Graphic" in game. It always " Has stop working...."

      ***But I setting Configuration Graphic to Medium, play OK

      ***I change Vga card GV-R929XOC-4GD, play game OK  with Utra Configuration Graphics

      ***My configuration :

      -MB : Z97M-D3H

      -Mem : 8G\1600

      -CPU : i7-4770

      -Graphics card : R939XG1 GAMING-8GD

      -Driver : ATI 15.7.1

      -OS : Win 8.1-64bit

      -PSU : 700w


      May be Battlerfiel-4 conflict with Graphic card 8Gb ???

      Please help me fix this issue ?? Thanks


      ( Sorry, my English bad)