ATI 5700 HD Win10 x64 Freezing system

Discussion created by actsof3000 on Aug 6, 2015

Alright, so I've narrowed it down to the video driver, I'm running 15.7.1 on the ATI 5700 HD, granted it's older, but it's "supported"


Every time (and I mean every time) I play video on the internet (testing on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, both flash and HTML5 video) it's only a matter of time before my system freezes. I've even encountered the problem when closing the browser.


This makes me very cautious to use my main computer at all in fear that I corrupt files again.


It doesn't give an error it just freezes.


I've tried using Win8 drivers all resulting in the same problem (15.7.0, 14.12, 14.9)



What can I do??