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driver not working in windows 8 AND 10

Question asked by gast33 on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by gast33

Hey acer,


i bought my notebook with windows 7 - acer aspire 7745g x64  i have a ati randeon hd5650  video driver  and from the acer website i used the videocard driver called  ATI- VGA 8.692.1.0 192.1 MB since i ugraded to windows 8 my whole system crashed i had to disable amd and the update - in safe mode because microsoft was  giving me the wrong videodriver the whole time  - now i upgraded to windows 10 its giving me display drivers no more crash. but it still dont detect hdmi  if you google/youtube this problem you will see alot of people with this problem can you fix this in a update i always posted my problem on the wrong website after 2 years with no HDMI i found out i need to post it on the manufacturer website what do ineed to do now.