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    Windows 10 crossfire crashing/boot


      First of all I am 100% stable in windows 8.1 with no issues.  However since the update to windows 10 I am unable to use crossfire.  I will get green lines through the screen or black screens at random. I also get long black screen at boot.


      The boot issue is solved by disabling ULPS. However I am unable to troubleshoot the driver crashing under crossfire.


      Asus rampage 5

      32gb dd4 2666


      2 FuryX

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          Same issue here.. Windows 10 Pro, 2 fury x cards, 16Gb ddr4..15.7 driver. Have tried the beta as well with the same results. Sometimes it will not even let me change the crossfire setting in CCC as it locks up when started. Single card setup runs perfectly on either driver. enabling crossfire turns boot time up dramatically and often freezes or gives a black screen that locks requiring a reboot.


          Disabling ULPS fixes the long boot time occasionally but that also causes the system to freeze or lock up when 2 cards are present as it automatically enables crossfire the first time the second card is installed.


          Tried a direct driver only install without CCC but the issue was still present. All the troubleshooting as explained  in this forum has been don with the same results. Any help in solving this would be appreciated since I purchased 2 fury x cards for crossfire capabilities. because the fury x can only use the 2 most recent driver releases I do not have other driver options to try.



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              R9 Fury X in Crossfire X With Asus X99-A board and 16GB of GSkill DDR4 3000 and Windows 10 Pro with the BIOS and all chipset drivers all up to date. I have done 4 clean installs trying to test possible solutions with each AMD driver available for the Fury X. When crossfire is enabled the system freezes and locks up still. After some time it comes back with (Catalyst Control Center has Crashed - Do you want to close the program) then lock ups every few seconds after until Crossfire is Disabled or there is a restart. Changing all instances of ULPS registry settings does fix the boot up speed but the driver (15.7) still crashes 2when both cards are enabled. With crossfire x disabled the system performs perfectly with no issues in any game or test. With both however the previously stated issues still occur.


              Because Fury X cards can only use the last 3 drivers due to incompatibility high end crossfire setups are impossible at this time. This "issue" happens in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Pro or Home versions.


              The last " fix effort" from AMD was to disable every instance of ULPS in the registry. This fixed the long boot or hanging boot but does nothing to fix the underlying driver issues when using crossfire.


              it has been weeks AMD!! I swear you guys actually don't care about ever being as respected as Nvidia or competing at a serious level no company that handles there product as poorly should even be in business. I just don't understand why these issues are not under known issues regarding your drivers for High End crossfire setups. Every second these issues are not resolved 100 more people will swear off AMD all together.

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              Has anyone found a way to fix this problem yet?  I've had to use the following workaround to install driver for my crossfire Fury X:

              - Pull out the second card and install the driver

              - Put the second card back in

              - At this point, there should be no errors.

              - Install the driver again but after "Analyzing" quit and restart the PC

              - After restarting, both cards are recognized.


              However, as of about three patches ago, this method no longer works.  As soon as the second card is installed, the PC freezes with black screen and after restarting the system, I get spammed with a lot of "ati___.dll is not designed for windows" errors and asks me to reinstall the driver.


              I am at a loss here.  Not sure what to do with my twin fury Xs.   Right now I am still on 16.8.3 which was the last driver that worked with my above installation steps.