No Windows 10 driver for AMD E1-1500 processor with HD7310 integrated graphics, any fix?

Discussion created by boobooboo on Aug 7, 2015

I have a Compaq 100-105ef with AMD processor E1-1500 with integrated Radeon HD7310 graphics. I've just upgraded it to Windows 10 and had no problems excepting a graphics issue with viewers for Opensim. The viewer software doesn't recognize the graphics 'card' anymore and no amount of adjusting settings brings the quality of graphics back to what it was under WIndows 8.1.


I've checked the AMD site for Windows 10 drivers for my graphics but they don't seem to exist.


I'm currently using the 15.200.1012.2 driver.


Anyone know if drivers are likely to become available or anyone have a work around?


Thanks in advance.