AMD HD 7000 Unusable after Windows 10 Fresh Install

Discussion created by amd239 on Aug 6, 2015

I have freshly installed Windows 10. After 100s of BSODs relating to "Internal_Power_Error" I traced the problem to AMDs Driver (NOTCATALYST).


I completely removed the driver freeing my computer of Blue screens and installed the latest. Using the tool provided here Download Drivers.

Not as many Blue screens but I am still forced to disable the driver before every reboot to makes sure the screen wont go black with full fan speed or blue screen loop again.



Nearly every time I enable or re enable the driver it causes an issue where the fan spins out of control and computer freezes up (or blue screens with the above error).

Keep in mind this is the latest driver and if i uninstall it Windows simply re installs the latest from AMD again.


I have seen many "fixes" regarding 3rd party drivers (why would you even attempt to do that I don't know") I'm not interest in modding my PC just for the issue.

I have also seen people claiming its fixed after a uninstall and re-install. Definitely not the case, it will work for some time but the second you actually restart instead of shut down you will get black screens or even a BOSD when running a game or disabling/enable the driver.


Seems the only fixes are people just letting the computer run when its stable and never really shutting down. Or modding the hell out of it.


Is AMD even trying to fix the issues with drivers or assuming people have "fixed there own issue".


This has been going on for weeks and any other hardware drivers worked flawlessly from day one if the install.