Windows 10 - amd r7 265 - Black screen after instelling 15.7.1 drivers

Discussion created by tck13 on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2015 by icebaer

I have installed windows 10 yesterday and i have a big problem with the AMD catalist drivers, when I installing them my windows is then black for 10+ min.

If I then force shutdowns my pc and start my pc up again every is fine but when windows 10 load circus is gone and the windows login screen has to come it cores not and is only black screen. After a few mintues also my monitors are going to sleep mode (no input)


The only way that I have found to come back in windows is start in saveboot and remove the driver with devicemanager. After that I can start windows up with the default drivers grom windows and no black screens.


Can anybody help me with this irritated/big problem? For me is the Amd Catalyst driver 15.7.1 very much but not compatible.