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Overdriving A8-6600K from 15.7.1 CCC drastically reduces clockspeed

Question asked by harutora on Aug 6, 2015

APU - A8-6600K, no other GPU attached

Motherboard - MSI A88XM-E45, BIOS 25.6(latest), all BIOS options at default

RAM - 8GB DDR3 1600-1800

OS - 8.1x64, latest update and updated everyday

Problem : When i try to Overdrive CPU from AMD CCC overdrive it drastically reduces CPU clockspeed. i have attached pic as proof of my problem. Can anyone guess what is going on? It has been going on ever since i bought the APU but i did not bother with it since up until now i did not need to overdrive. Any kind of help is appreciated.