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    a question regarding a responce to a lack of firepro Drivers for Windows 10


      This was the response


      Re: Firepro Windows 10 drivers???  

      fsadough   Decahertz  

      We are currently offering Windows 10 drivers. Just to let you know the CC/CAD/Medical/Entertainment markets or even OEMs have not come up with the Windows 10 certifications yet, so a FirePro driver for their needs has not been requested obviously.

      Windows 10 (Beta) driver for AMD FirePro is posted  now at Drivers + Download Center.

      You can download the driver under “Manually Select Your Driver” as follows. 

      Step 1. Select “Workstation Graphics”             
      Step 2. Select “FirePro BETA Driver

      Step 3. Select your product for example,  FirePro W9100

      Step 4. Select “Windows 10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)” as Operating System 


      ok so this is my question? I was temporary excited to think that I would be able to utilize my graphics card when I read the post. I went and followed the directions. step 1, check. step 2, check. step three, this is where I got excited because my laptop model and graphics chip was listed.  however when I went to follow step 4. there was no option to  "Select “Windows 10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)” as Operating System"   I guess my card was listed there because there are beta drivers for windows 7 and Windows 8.1? maybe I just answered my own question. Are there any drivers for mobile firepro chips? I have a Firepro M5950 ya its old, but its not that old.