Radeon HD 5700 Series Windows 10 Issues?

Discussion created by ntotrr on Aug 5, 2015

I have done a clean install of Win 10 64-bit in hopes of seeing my issues resolved but have had no success.  I originally upgraded from Win 8.1 64-bit to Win 10 64-bit and had the same issues as I do with the clean install:  applications open very slowly, such as Canon Digital Photo Professional ver 4.3.  It takes two minutes to open and will lock up when I convert my first RAW photo file to a JPG.  Other applications also open extremely slowly.  I use Adobe Photoshop CC and to use that, GPU acceleration must be disabled.  With Win 8.1 64-bit, everything worked very smoothly, including Photoshop which didn't require me to disable GPU acceleration.  It has been suggested that I have a video card/driver issue.  I have the latest Win 10 driver installed (15.7.1).  Does anyone agree that the video card/driver may be at fault?