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I had a R7 260X for almost a year, running quite happily on Windows 7 SP1, until recently.


Got up one morning to find the system was locked up, so I restarted it. Got a BSOD "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER".


Tried the usual safe mode etc and still no joy, system kept dying. In the end I removed the card, and the system started behaving itself.


Removed the drivers for the card, put the card back in, and BSOD again. So i wasnt even getting into Windows to be able to install drivers, so couldnt say it was the drivers at fault.


Reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch. Still BSOD.


Removed the card again, and figured Id wait for Windows 10 to come out (few days later), and see what happens. Installed Windows 10 with no issues, inserted the card and BSOD again. So now Im thinking its definitely a hardware issue with the card.


So to make sure, I tested all my drives, memory, ran burn in tests and system came back with perfect results until the card was inserted. Even dug out my old 9800GTX and plugged that in, and thats running fine with no issues.


So the card has gone back to the supplier for testing.... who will charge me $50 if they cant find a fault.  But since doing that, I've noticed more and more users in various forums getting the same BSOD error, but in different circumstances, Some on Win 7, some on 10, most seem to have the R7 260X.


OK, maybe a manufacturing fault, but why after a year, and why all at the same time ??


Anyone shed any light on whats going on ?


Am I right in thinking its the card and should let the supplier do the test, or Id be wasting money and its a software issue - and if it is software issue, what software, because this thing is BSOD'ing without anything installed.