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    how to make 3x3 group?(9 displays)


      catalyst omega specifications differents group max 24 displays on use 4 videocard


      i have 3 videocard and not make 3x3 grop(9 displays) - max make 3x2(6 displays)


      please help make 3x3 group (9 displays)

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          I recently did a 12 screen display. 4x4x4


          I used 2 w4100 and a nvidea GTX450...if i remember correctly.


          Catalyst controlled the all the displays. they registered up on the setup display and just then proceeded to sort and group them.


          Depending on what connections you are using you might need to get more adapters


          The W4100's needed ACTIVE adapters to show 3 or more screens, so each card could handle four displays so i needed 2 ACTIVE adapters on each card. 

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              im need group: 3 vertical display x  3 horizontal displays = 9 displays

              9 screen video wall

              on catalyst omega asked are new functions: group up to 24 displays in one screen, use 4 videocard.


              how is made???


              p.s i connect 9-12 screens on videocards and catalyst eyefinity  not make one big display, make one screen use 2-6 displays on every card