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    Windows 10 vs Radeon HD 4350


      Hello. My PC is not the most up to date but it fit my use well. The Video Card i have is the Radeon HD 4350 and i was using it flawless with Windows 8.1

      Now that i got the Windows 10 Update the only driver that isn't working is the AMD CCC from the Video Card.


      I don't plan to upgrade the card and i need the CCC to configure the colors of the display on a better level then just the monitor Gama/Brightness and Contrast.


      I see how ever that AMD just didn't upgrade the latest drivers to work with my video card on Windows 10.

      My question is if we will get a update to work on Windows 10.

      If not i'll be very desapointed as i have older hardware that the drivers do work on the new windows.. Same about my father PC who have a slight older Nvidia video card (same grade as mine so lower grade) who work on Windows 10 too.