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Windows 10 vs Radeon HD 4350

Question asked by bie780 on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by kenlongjr

Hello. My PC is not the most up to date but it fit my use well. The Video Card i have is the Radeon HD 4350 and i was using it flawless with Windows 8.1

Now that i got the Windows 10 Update the only driver that isn't working is the AMD CCC from the Video Card.


I don't plan to upgrade the card and i need the CCC to configure the colors of the display on a better level then just the monitor Gama/Brightness and Contrast.


I see how ever that AMD just didn't upgrade the latest drivers to work with my video card on Windows 10.

My question is if we will get a update to work on Windows 10.

If not i'll be very desapointed as i have older hardware that the drivers do work on the new windows.. Same about my father PC who have a slight older Nvidia video card (same grade as mine so lower grade) who work on Windows 10 too.