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    Drivers of my Radeon R9 280x crashes while playing always!!!!! PLS Help



      I have with my r9 280x long been problems!

      When I play games on an urgent message appears after 1-10 minutes.

      The message: AMD driver does not respond and has been restored.

      So you can not play easy and that's why I'm very disappointed with my graphics card from AMD and will soon also switch to a Nvidia graphics card!

      Actually, I want to keep the graphics card, yes, but it is annoying when the driver always Crash!



      I have the graphics card is not overclocked and it is the way it comes out of the package!

      I use the latest Catalyst Driver 15.7.1!

      And it is not at the driver because it indeed already gave these problems with other drivers!



      If someone wants to know my entire system!

      Intel Core i7 4790k

      Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x rev.2

      MSI Z87 MPower

      Transcend SSD 370s

      Thermaltake Hamburg (520 or 530 watts)

      Enermax Liqmax 2 240

      Kingston 8GB 1600Mhz Ram (Exact product name I do not know)

      Seagate Barracuda 1TB



      Hope one knows a solution.



      Regards Niklas!