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    Weird resolution problem 16:9


      Hi. I have weird problem with resolution 1600x900 in cs go which you can see in the screen    http://screenshot.sh/mK9k0Oci4zGaU


      Im using the new 15.7 Catalyst Software for AMD graphic card.

      Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem ?

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          Not a clue...with all the information you furnished. Most people are not going to click on some/any link to try and figure out your problem.


          Laptop or desktop..if laptop, manufacturer and exact model number.

          Operating system

          Graphics card

          Power supply

          When did the issue first appear?

          What steps have you taken to correct the error

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            Okay, so I am using  Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, i5-2500 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, MSI HD 7870 Frozr III Graphic Card with the newest 15.7.1 Catalyst.

            I have seen this issue first time like 1 year ago, but i did nothing with it. I basically did 2 formats of my computer since then.